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dance photographer

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dance photography for all dancers 

Hi! I'm Rachel,

I grew up taking dance classes from the age of 3 and as I got older I found myself wishing for more opportunities to get great stage and location shots  - especially ones that captured the moments that only a dancer could anticipate. So one day I picked up a camera and got to shooting all the fabulous dancers around me and found a real passion for being behind the camera. 

Every dancer - no matter what stage of their dance journey they are in - can create beautiful pictures that are ready to be captured and I love working with dancers of all ages and abilities to find the moments that make them shine. 

My goal at every shoot is to make sure to showcase each dancers individuality, technique and love of dance, as well as ensuring they have the best time and are comfortable, so that they can discover moments they may not have known they were capable of. 

As well as taking dance classes for as long as I can remember - I have a Bachelor of Arts - Dance & Performance and continue to work for multiple dance businesses. 

My dance background means that I can collaborate with dancers - with a total understanding of how their technique and positions should look and can offer assistance with poses and styling to suit all dancers. I strive to correct and talk to dancers throughout the entire shoot so that together we can get the perfect shot! 

Check out my portfolio page for some shots from previous shoots & get in touch to book! 


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